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#356186 - We sat in the back of the place and talked for a bit , she told me that after our first night together she went home a different woman and knew she wanted to see more of me, she said her hubby had asked her where she was that night and she wasn't sure if he believed the story about her staying at her friends place, she told me how she needed more in her sex life and since our first night together she has realized that she really does need to let the dirty girl inside her come out, after we talked for a bit and had a couple of drinks Stacey said she didn't have to go back to work so we decided to go for a drive somewhere a bit more secluded. there didn't seem to be too many people in sight but i didn't really care anyway. It only took me a few days to contact Stacey and I could tell she was keen to hear from me by the sound of her voice I was hoping you would call she said with a relieved expression when can i see you again she went on to ask, I knew that this w

Read Colegiala DARKNESS HOUND | 黑暗猎犬 01-07 - Original Imvu DARKNESS HOUND | 黑暗猎犬 01-07

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Shou oota