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#329389 - She returned after only a few minutes wearing only a dressing gown with a item of clothing clutched in her hand “So you want to know where I have been” she said in a sarcastic tone though I could tell she was still really happy and excited “well here is a clue” she said as she tossed her panties to me I felt at once that they were very damp and as I looked I could see the crotch was badly stained with semen “What do you think of that, I have had one fantastic night, a really big cock has been in here” and with that she spread her legs and allowed the dressing gown to spill open, her pussy was red and swollen and her pubic hair was matted with cum she smiled at me and thanked me for the permission I had given her the previous night, her fingers were gently playing with her clit and pussy lips and now she had her legs hooked over the arms of her chair. Amanda and I had married in 2000 she was a slim attractive petite 24 year old and I was 36 years old, the age difference did not present

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