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#350340 - As Garry walked down the main street looking into each shop window he came across a notice in the 7 eleven store, stopping he began reading the notice, wow he thought freeboard offered for helping in private school cooking class this was so perfect as he begun to dial the mobile number that was on display in the notice. Before long the only thing left on the table was Garry's meatless carcass God he was so delicious and so very tender and extremely juicy for 16 year old boy, its a pity he doesn't have a twin brotherthey all remarked, I agree he was so perfectly cooked rare, Mary replied well you never know as I've begun looking for more boys like Garry for my class of young cannibal chefs to enjoy she remarked!! Only thing left to do now class is sell Garry black pudding and grind up his bones to be sold as garden fertiliser she told the pupils. I wish I had parents but I've been in a foster homes most my life Garry replied Ohh so sorry Garry Mary quipped Ok well don't b

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