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#343000 - Breaking Sarah’s will with my friends help part 1 It was a rainy day in November, I was sitting down in front of my computer jerking off to images of hot blonde women being hogtied and fucked thanks to my best friend john who sent them to me by e-mail, John and another friend Rowan were calling around to hang Out at my house, my parents were away for the weekend so the only ones at home were Sarah and me, Sarah was my 15-year-old sister 3 years younger than me and it was my job to “baby-sit” her for the weekend even though she was old enough to take care of herself, Sarah had always been a nuisance to me constantly telling on me when we were younger if I’d done something wrong not to mention she was always mummy and daddies good little girl but I knew better, suddenly the handle to my door started to turn, thank god I remembered to lock it “hey Damian open the door” I heard Sarah yell “I’m busy” I said “what do you want”, “I want to use your computer to go on the internet”, “I wa

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Saya sasayama
I narrowed it down to 8 just the look of your hair and the noises you made i really could have gone with any of them
Kyle broflovski
You look like riley j dennis
Amazing public action