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#143755 - Next thing I know I feel a warm soft hand on my Dick, I open my eyes and my cousin whispers in my ear need a hand. She had really strong legs from playing soccer. ”Jessica long time no see” ”I know, were are your parents” she asked ”they went out for their anniversary they will be back in a week” ”awww they left the poor little baby home alone” ” i'm the baby, I am pretty sure that i'm older then you” ”only by a month” she replied ” doesn't matter still older” ”ok ok grave my bags and show me to my room” ” fine” I grabbed her bags and showed her to her room that was right next to mine” ” thank you” she said ” if you need anything I'll be in the living room” ”ok” she said I walked Downstairs and sat Down on the couch.

Read Massive Shirou-kun Harem!! - Fate stay night Bbw Shirou-kun Harem!!

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