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#2116 - Since I was a teen I would frequent multiple chatrooms, straight, bi, and sometimes gay under the name, Ivory cd. Beautiful faces, lickable tits, sexy hips, dicks and everything else! I was a short teen(5'2 155lbs, thick apple ass with large hips and a tiny smooth undefined upper body, dirty blonde short hair and I always liked to keep my body shaved) growing up in the late '90's and early 2000's I was used to having computers, internet, and all the porn my teenage body could handle. After we had talked all about talked life, love and responsibilities, we began talking about porn, crossdressers, trans, women, and men.

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Sisterhood of the traveling plant
Eriri spencer sawamura
Hot i had to touch myself i admit it hahaha
Yukio kasamatsu
Wow loved it teach me the magic