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#163582 - When we were in the kitchen l asked if he had to rush off as l was just making a coffee, l could see by the way he was glaring at me he wasn’t going anywhere and sat on a chair, l made us a coffee then perched myself onto a stool with my legs slightly parted and passed him the sugar, letting my towel fall to the floor then making sure he got a good view of me l slowly picked up my towel and apologised the guy cottoned on l was teasing him and asked if l needed help so l asked if he could dry my back as it’s still wet and handed him the towel. I got another 2 hot creamy loads shot over my shoulder and tits then l heard the guy finger fucking me ask Dave my husband if they could fuck me, he just replied ‘do what you want mate’, l was helped up and leant against the car with my legs parted, someone behind me slid their cock into my pussy and began fucking me, a guy was stood beside me playing with my tits. The guy didn’t have a thick massive cock in fact it was long and thin although he

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Rika ayano
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