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#71609 - I arrived back in my common room covered in cum I showered it all of and hopped straight into bed before anyone noticed. Victor greeted me raising my hand and and kissing it i blushed as his lips touched my hand he escorted me to a couch were we sat together Victor kneeled in front of me holding my hand he looked like he was going to purpose to me “Hermoine Gene Grainger will you do me the honour of being my escort to the Yule ball Victor announced again the bluishness returned to my cheeks y y yes i replied in a very faint girly tone Victor smiled at me and led me up face to face with him his eyes looking into mine he lightly grabbed my chin and kissed my lips gently, the kiss must of flipped a switch and turned me to horny mode because i was instantly wet and i really wanted to ram his head into my pussy i tried my best not to show any signs of my slutty side i just stared into his eyes biting my lip, my resistance soon broke once he kissed me again. I felt Victors newly

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Lol that pussy beautifull
Misaki okusawa
Overall fantastic hentai everything from the positions to the lighting was spot on and i believe the director needs some credit people don t understand how much work porn directors put in behind the scenes they make or break a scene plain and simple they fight through the blue balls to make the best scene possible and this director is no exception