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#91368 - ------------------------------ I went out for a couple of hours after my bath, just to see some mates, got back home about 10, Renie moaned a bit as i hadnt let her know where i was and told me i had to stay in the next day as punishment, and babysit the little brat, i was'nt look forward to that, but what the hell, i said goodnight to everyone and went up to bed. He put his cock to the opening of my sopping but tight wet pussy and started pushing, he put his fingers down between us and started to rub my juice all over the johnny, still trying to push his way in, it started to get a bit painful, but i wanted it so bad, i was bucking towards him, and it just happened it hurt but it went in, and i just cum, a quick but hard orgasm, my first around a cock, he started pumping in and out of me, i could tell he wasnt deep inside i couldnt feel his thighs on mine, he put his lips to mine and started to kiss me with his tongue, probing my mouth then he gave another push with his grion

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