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#393251 - “Oh Mike, I wanted this for so long” She moves down and strip my shorts and boxers from me, I watch her as she lick over my cock, her pink tongue lapping at my cock like a thirsty dog, I close my eyes and lie back, enjoying her attentions to my cock. Getting home I tell my mom how I feel, she gives me some medication and tells me to go lie down, well I wasn’t going to complain, I had a long morning and half an afternoon, I went to lie down on the guest room’s bed and fell asleep almost immediately. She flips the switch and turn around to face me, I stumble a thank you and almost run for the lawnmower, not sure if she could notice that I was ogling her.

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Shiki ichinose
Another bombastic hentai from lily
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I love you guys
Why when i go to picnic that never happen to me