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#20869 - Zinnia smiles at me and opens the door wider “It’s been a while Mike” I grin at her, she’s just as tall as I am and for a moment I have to struggle to keep my hands from grabbing her and pulling her closer for a kiss “Yeah, I’ve been busy” “So what can I do for you?” I hold out the power cord to her “Could you plug this in for me please? I want to get this lawn and weeds down, before starting the pump to check if all the sprayers are still working and then just water the garden” She takes the cord from me, turn around to plug it in and I look at her firm ass, wondering how they would feel in my hands, she bends over to push the plug into a wall socket and my cock starts to stir. I push the lawnmower out of the shed and lift it over the fence and then climb over, I push the lawnmower to the front grass, whistling a tuneless melody and uncoil the power cord, walking to the front door I knock, expecting the youngest to open, he’s around four years old and doesn’t loo

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