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#195567 - --“hey dude it took me a while to get it” --“(ah ah whoa)who the fuck cares we will throw it later no?” --“think (ah) about the effort” --“you know I can’t hold it for long, speaking of it” --“what?” --“kiss me, god knows I’ve been waiting days for your kiss” --“come and get it baby” That is when they kiss with a passion and sensuality, Pepe and Tavo could barely keep their 3 and 3. 5 inch boners respectively inside their pants, meanwhile the first 12 year old was rubbing his shaft to his partner he came with a force that could just come from an orgasm, his partner then started licking the cum, eating it with such delight and more because some of the oil was mixed and he loved the flavor, when suddenly one of the wood planks on the next room creaked, this could be bad Tavo and Pepe could not be found if they had to they would fight, the older boys got scared, quickly they took their belongings and dressed while running though they left behind the cream, the magazine and the watc

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