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#85385 - Girl I aint Chris brown but ur are bout to be taken down Now shawty I no u no all bout ma good side… But I think its time I introduce u to ma other side I aint one of them fast ass niggaz who breaks off 2 quick … I get it down nice and slow… the way we be bumping and grinding… tonight u ll b sliping and sliding… Baby girl on ma **** u ll riding… Now I no u heard rumours about how I’m the baddest sexer but I guess tonight u r gonna find out for sure Now baby watch ure step… The living room is this way… Get ureself comfortable as I unplug my house phone I don’t want no distraction… Tonight I m gonna give u my undivided attention Yes now the lights are dimmed …now where we were… Come here girl… Let me start by kissing ure neck… And make my way up to ure soft lipz… Baby girl u taste sooo gooood… Nibbling and biting ure ear. ?? Yh that’s right.

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