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#306700 - He was always wanting to hang out I don't think he understands that I go to school all week then work on shit Friday through Sunday. I welcomed her in and asked her to sit on the coach  wile I grabbed my phone from up stairs looking at my self in my mirror I was 5feet 9inches tall for a sevie I had long brown hair bout half an inch over my eyebrows and flipped to the right I had a big nose though not huge but over advrig I was teased bout it at school but I didn't care cause the girls only noticed my body I was well fit with all six abs and big biceps I whieghd 152pounds and could run the mile in 5min and 34sec k was on track and foot ball so I kinda had to be fast. Shoving the last bite of my sandwich in my mouth I walked up stairs to my room sitting at my desk finishing my math home work I was done about 4:30pm not to bad only an hour and a half I put it I.

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