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#412169 - This story goes back to when i was younger than you. I can still smell the bread from outside the building and when i got inside there was this beautiful little lady with fiery red hair holding a broom sweeping the floor of the bakery, was it mama, yes son it was mama now let me finish, she looked so beautiful in her emerald green dress and her piercing green eyes. As we sit down for breakfast the king looks at me how was last night, trick question you told us not to say anything to anyone part of the deal remember, luna bust out laughing he got you there my king, just making sure the prince remembers ALL the rules my queen so what are you doing after breakfast boy, first my chores then a shower and maybe hit the market unless you have anything else in mind, yes actually, I do chores are for children your a man now you will be spending the next three years learning about politics and four learning about military strategy how does that sound, sounds great when do I start, today after

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