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#380456 - So I reply back ‘ why you’ll be seeing and using her nude body tonight, just wait until then!’ Looking to her “Say why don’t you christen your new bikini with chlorine?, let’s go for a swim!” “You just want to check out my ass without the sarong on!” as she ties it. “Hi Melinda, this is My friends John and Tyrone!” both offer her their hand “Ready for a big night?” Visible nervous Melinda answers “Just going to lay some carpet with Mark,Bill and Aaron, nothing really big!” “Well enjoy yourself!” dad tells her “Maybe We’ll see you when you and Mark get back!” Without answering she turns to go out as Mark comes down the stairs “We’re off dad, don’t know when I’ll be back tonight!” Turning to see dad’s head and his friends head following Melinda out the door “Pervs!” laughing as I think about what I’ll be doing to her that they wish they were also doing to her. “Okay I’m in, like you I can use the money!” “Great! I’ll e-mail him that we both coming right now!” L

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