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#212558 - Another more personal memory was when she got massages from me in English senior year and she would moan like someone was eating her out, while she sat on my leg I could feel the heat build between her thighs. Slowly I leaned down and she rose up and we kissed, at first it was a peck, but then as it held I felt her tongue pass my lips and mine did like wise, and as we continued to kiss I stepped backwards slowly, pulling her with me and I found the pool stairs where I sat down and she sat near me, we continued to kiss for what felt like hours and finally she pulled away giving me a smile, not her normal coy smile, a different more gentle smile than I had ever seen, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra and her breast hung there relatively unaffected by gravity I placed one hand on her right and she moaned. “I love you, Brittni,” I said looking at her, the haze of passion had lifted from me and I realized that I truly loved her, sex or not, I loved her.

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