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#280568 - I asked if she thought that there would be a problem getting in the club, she asked why should there be any problem, I said because to all intents and purposes she was naked, she laughed and said she would see. She said could I guess who had just phoned her, I guessed Tomas and then Nikoli, neither was right, she told me that Vasko had phoned, I asked if it was Vasko married to Marika, she said it wasn’t, it was Vasko that we had met at the club, I said I couldn’t remember him, Maria reminded me that he was one of the guys that I told her were interested in her at the club and she had danced with them, and told him that if they could find out her phone number she would go out with them. I asked her what time Vasko was coming, she said between half past eight and nine, I asked if she had phoned Vasko about finding more guys, she said of course she had, she had promised me she would , I asked her what he had said ,she said that he had said if that was what she wanted he would make su

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