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#66895 - The night of her prom her dad was waiting downstairs with a camera as she finnished getting ready, she had a strapless black dress that only reached mid thigh and clung to her breasts, her hair was in an updo with a few ringlets around her face, her lack of bra showed her hard nipples poking at the fabric of her dress, she had silver earring and a necklace on, a blue flower on a bracelet and strappy silver heels, light natural make up. her dad saw her tearing up and he let go of the door sitting down on the bed and pulling her close now now, whats wrong? Kelli shook her head, she didnt want to tell him and have him think she was an even bigger slut then he already did when he insisted she tell him she just blushed and asked if he could take off the chastity belt just for tonight.

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South dakota
Lan hikari
Als ob niggo die nich weggesyxt hat
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Damn this chemistry is what i craveee i hate doing all the work