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#296176 - Feelings of guilt started to creep in, but were pushed aside as fantasies of being on my knees, dressed sexy like this, pleasing a guy with my mouth. “Oh god Patrick, or should I call you Patty? Take off my clothes right now you sicko!!” “Wait, on second thought, keep them! I don't want them, I'd just burn them! Get out now!” I hurriedly ran from her room, grabbing teddy and robe from her bed. They were some boy shorts, all yellow, with pink lace around the legs and waist and a pink bow in the middle.

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Painflame approved
He should have fucked her hard and creampie her
Kiba inuzuka
It was painfull to her not only at the start but during the whole fuck maybe she enjoys the pain
Taichi sangoku
Lucky guy
Shirakami fubuki
Love having my throat used like that