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#49697 - Very few girls ever ran away but once an 18 year old girl did run away and all the women in her family were called up to give their meat as a punishment. Grade A's were reserved for whole live spitting because their meat was decided to be of the best top quality and the Grade B's were butchered into parts, packaged and shipped to super markets all over the country When a girls number was called it was mandatory for the girl to be either picked up at her home by a meat collection truck once a Meat Notice sent to the girl from the NFC was delivered to the girls home with her instructions and pick up times, she was to wrap up all family and financial business before the pick up time. It was decided by the NFC that every female between the ages of 18 and 30 had to register with the NFC and would receive an Alpha-Numeric Meat Identification Code consisting of four letters and 3 numbers [Example: HG556KP].

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