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#358879 - So we had up to the room and once inside and I see no one else around I close the door drop my bag and grab you and push you up against the wall and start kissing you and running my hands on your body. So I grab my bag and head to grab a bit to eat and as I'm heading there you call me and ask where I am and I tell you that I'm in the airport still and you tell me that you over slept and you are in the parking lot and I tell you I will be at this door and you come and pick me up. So we pull over at a gas station fill up and grab a drink, and as I open the door for you, you start to get in as you do I grab your arm and pull you closer to my and wrap my arms around during you and hold you tight and tell you that you are beautiful and I can't wait to get you alone and give you a kiss and you start to blush.

Read Cum Netorare Ochiru Kyonyuu Tsuma - Original Amigo Netorare Ochiru Kyonyuu Tsuma

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Yoichi hiruma
Great video
You are an rare breed of the human species a true beauty goddess will you marry me and be my soul mate i will treat you like your the only person left in existence
Osamu mikumo
Would love to stuff my hand into her