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#99504 - He grunted as I felt him erupting deep in my pussy, sending his seed deep into me, gasping for air as he came. Tim appeared with another drink for me, was he trying to get me pissed here?, this was another large tot of whisky he’s giving me, “ Here you are Patsy, thought you could use a drink” “ Thanks Tim,” a thought crosses my mind “ hey, you could fuck me now Tim, you must be stiff as aboard by now “ The guys were already getting dressed now, but they heard my remark and waited for Tim’s response, in the hope of a bit more action to watch, he replied, “ I’ll save it for later Patsy, Matt will take you up to the house to let you get cleaned up now, I’ll clear your things up here for you “ the guys realising there was no more to be seen tonight continued to dress and start to leave, “ Thanks Patsy, perhaps we can do it again soon “ or “ you one hell of a slut Patsy” or “ wish my missus would give me some of that anal” they shouted as they left. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take lo

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