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#84682 - I positioned myself so that Jan could reach my cock if she wished to do so as I started my tongue assault on her juicy pussy, my tongue slid down from the top of her landing strip to just before her bung hole and returned, the next time down I inserted just the tip of my tongue into her slit, after about half a dozen stokes my tongue was sliding in as far as I could stretch it and I had started to rim her beautiful bung hole, my god I love this woman and to make her cum is such a pleasure . Jan’s a pretty little girl I met at Adelaide university, we were in the same drama group, fell in love & married soon after graduation, life changed dramatically for us during our honey moon & the years since have been sexually exciting for us as we have all ways partied together with a no holds barred approach to sex with others. After pleasantries, we all boarded the Lady Jane a magnificent 20metre motor launch & Captain Nick & John got us underway, John then asked April to assist with laying o

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