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#17648 - After breakfast I told Lyn, I was going to town and chucked the blanket in the caravan, Sue grabbed a pull up dress, and jumped in, we took off to town, first port of call laundry mat, then a short walk to the super market, Sue got lots of looks in her near see though dress, her huge tits jiggling nicely as she walked. No sooner had I moved away from Sue, she had guys trying to help her, or ask her for advice where things were, of course all they were doing was perving on her tits, but she was lapping it up, I paid for my stuff and waited, Sue eventually walked out of the shop with her arms full of shopping, the guys still hanging around her, talking to her about where she was going etc, Her dress was now so low, you could nearly see her nipples, the guys standing watching her every move, she winked at me then moved her body so her tits did fall out, the guys eyes lit up like never before, Sue asked me to pull her dress up, I laughed, my hands also full, and said no chance, you ne

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