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#13574 - “So, you are smoking,” I asked Mariana. ” “OK, what the address and when should we meet?”, I asked “No address, just be ready in half an hour, I’ll pick you up in front of your building,” she replied. ” “Ok, Ecstasy isn’t a real drug, it is not causing addiction, we use it to overcome the odd situations we have in our lives and to deal with the non-stop horny desires & lust of our kids,” she replied and continued explaining, “Similar pharmaceutical drug was prescribed to Niky when Nicole took her to Psychologist after she divorced George to overcome isolation and separating from her father, who she still love by the way, that how we knew about the Ecstasy, for Niky it’s a treatment.

Read Lips Kitsunede Goha n (part2) - IchiharaTetsuno - Naruto Hood Kitsunede Goha n- IchiharaTetsuno

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