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#21810 - God dammit I didn’t know you knew nothing! if I knew that I wouldn’t have taken this shitty job. “oh man that was amazing I haven’t had a good fuck like that in a while and I think I found out what powers you got right now too” “oh really care to enlighten us oh mystical one” I said as a joke “well its easy you got succubus powers” I’m actually surprised she got it right “how did you know?” “easy when you spit on me it made me extremely horny only one aphrodisiac is that strong and that's succubus spit” oh now it all makes sense “so does this mean it was a one time thing?” “God I hope not!” we both laughed at this “but seriously I really hope not. Afterwords we both got dressed and even shared in a nice innocent kiss (we didn’t want to use tongue cause of the whole succubus spit thing.

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What a nice guy
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