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#3694 - My wife gets me to put her experiences to paper for her, after telling me all about them while I play with her pussy to keep her going,, as she get’s horny remembering some of her fun too, When my wife went out to meet her boyfriend, or guys for fun, I normally went out to meet my girl friend, or guys for fun too, each telling the other about the evenings fun when we got home, on some occasions I would drive to the motel, where Sue had met her guys and we would sleep in the room over night, seeing as it was paid for any way, On such a night, she had been with one of her regular friends, she loved meeting him as she never knew what he would get up to, most times just 1 on 1 with her, but some time’s he would organise a group fuck for her, the night she called me to join her, was after a group night, most guys had left, she was still having fun with a few when I got there, joining in with them fucking my well used wife and enjoying seeing her fully satisfied and cum soaked too, W

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