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#399333 - She asks if he has to get back quick he says he has a little time days are slower the nights and asks is that all the dare is supposed to be she says no that she is supposed to give him a blow job she tells him she does not care about the dare she will pay the bet but she really wants to give him a blow job he says but what if your husband finds out she say he won’t all the girls are doing it and she wanted to know how it felt ,he say he was honored so goes down you hear the zipper coming down she tells him he has a nice dick and she hope he enjoys it . They lay on the bed talking kissing for a few n=minutes he says he has to get back to work but says he owes her a better fuck and she can cash in on at anytime . so the game went on and we all ended up naked so I suggested that Toni give us both head she looked at me as if to say are you sure and immediately went to my friend nickname the Doctor she deep throated him like a pro he was so horny he ended up exploding all over her tits

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The stache looks fucking great i hope he keeps it
Chihaya kisaragi
That looked like the most oddly disorganized scene i ve ever seen half way through i literally forgot this was a porn clip